4Elven Holdings

Episode the first: Gettting Our Bearings

Who? What? Me? Which one do I roll?

The first installment of our adventure finds 4 Elves in Fallcrest, looking for some adventure. Ok, not quite, but you’ll understand.

Ravalore, and Lorna, their Elf friend Chukkar, and lastly the 1/64th Elf Dwarf Ironheart. I can’t go into much detail, but it’s cultural thing for him.

4 newbies with a DM that hasn’t seen action in over 15 years.

The trip from Fallcrest to Winterhaven in pursuit of a potential death cult, with some Kobold raiders on the way got some of the RPG and Game mechanics out on the table. Despite some moments there wasn’t too much on the trip that the stuff of legends. That will wait for episode two.*


RangerBob Ironheart

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