4Elven Holdings

Episode the fourth: Dungeoneering with Rookies

Chukkar has them woman pains.

Our fourth installment begins with the head of Irontooth, delivered to the Lord of Winterhaven. Our next challenge, despite the overwhelming danger – is to penetrate the Keep. Tales of Cultists and the undead fill our band with dread. So much so that our trusty archer Chukkar Norris seems to be afflicted with some form of cramping and is forced to retire to his room at Salvana Wraftons inn.

We leave him a note, letting him know where we’re headed and after a few moments of resupply we are off to the keep. Lorna too seems taken with some stomach ailment and is unable to venture to the keep with us. They are sworn to follow in 1 day if we do not return. Ravalore now fully healed from her elven Pon Farr is back, and we take on yet another intern at the tavern. A rogue with a penchant for the dark side. Deadnaught is her name, and she promises to be good. Or, at least not bad.

We take the road north to the keep and after an uneventful journey reach the ruins of the keep.

Ironheart of course, stout of build, and short of clue steps first into the pit trap. A heave-ho and a solid athletics check later, he is out of the rat pit unscathed. Goblins toss spears at the dwarf, only to be caught in mid-air, and tossed into the pit.

Shortly thereafter our band finds itself in a tomb chamber battling undead skeletons, only to meet Sir Keegan face to um, mist. With some fast talking, a pile of re-dead undead, and solid strategy – the band finds itself under Keegans protection for the night, and a trusty Dwarf holding Aecris – the magical sword.

Our delve took a great deal of time due to much democracy, but ended up in only a few rooms with solid battles and a sword boon. Onward and downward perhaps after a good nights sleep.


RangerBob Ironheart

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