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Episode the Second: Interns.

Cramps you say?

Episode two begins at the inn in Winterhaven. Our band returns from the dragon burial site, short one dwarf, but up one strikingly attractive amulet and a chest being floated along by our wizardy Eladrin. Sadly, after having ended up with a dead hostage at the burial site, we discovered that several members of the community in Winterhaven were aligned with dark – nay – culty forces. Our work would be difficult.

In an attempt to cure ourselves of the ills of our previous encounter, we worked to get off to a hot start on this adventure, only to find one of our players, er, characters was unable to continue on with us today. A certain Ravalore was found doubled over in search of the D&D version of Midol, and was left at the hotel with some chicken soup and a warm water wineskin. Tunneldark himself attempted to roll some ibuprofin, but the local innkeeper was puzzled by the attempt. Alas, her player will be back for the next installment (we hope) but that all depends on wether his wife and renovations will permit it. That’s right. You heard me.

So our band of four three found a few unique patrons in the inn bar, and took them on as interns for the days adventure after finding them contemplating a similar quest. Both L2 characters were fully rolled, and as such became PC characters alongside our band of 3.

Our first skirmish came on the kings road at the hands of a band of Kobolds, who displayed an uncanny desire to trash one of the interns. A death, saving throws, healing hands, and some deft conjuring later the band was dispatched with our DM laughing at our near heroic efforts to save the intern. Her abilities tend to the vs. Reflex type and provided us some great longer range attack opportunities. She’ll be valuable, but after the first encounter it was clear that she may be no more than fodder in future encounters. Hopefully that isn’t so as her bag of tricks include a few daily powers that will come in handy during the final stages.

After a short rest™ the band ventured forth toward the Kobold lair. Our element of surprise was up in the first turn. Through sheer luck, we managed to dispatch a number of minions with near effortless rolls. Not so much for Deborah Poochbottom. After her early skirting of death she was a mere two-punch to saving throws yet again and served as a liability despite a few handily dispatched minions. She did NOT share in the XP gained during the encounter.

Lorna (Lourana / Sheniqua / Tamika / Whatever) threw waves of Eladrin sorcery connecting many times, and fired many magic missiles, but it was Little Chukkar Norris who really stole the limelight. Effortless clever shots and Aimed shots through the bush knocked out more than a few minions, however in the fight a skirmisher was able to slip out and (we believe) warn the kobolds at their lair of our approach. In the end though, that skirmisher was punished heartily with a double flank as Ironheart cleaved his lizard head in two.

Beaten, and thrashed, our band retreated to Winterhaven to rest and recoup before we attempt to broach the Kobold Lair on another day. We will seize victory – but who will fall?


RangerBob Ironheart

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