Aecris : Kin-killin Longsword of Keegan

It's a big ass sword with a story.

weapon (melee)

The longsword Aecris is identifiable by a series of diamonds set into the flat of the blade and two large diamonds set into either side of the guard. Heavily influenced by Draconic elements, Aecris’ cross-guard is shaped like outstretched dragon wings, while the pommel is fashioned with a roaring dragon’s head.


The longsword of Ironheart Tunneldark. Obtained from the disgraced Sir Keegan in Shadowfell Keep, Aecris is sworn to slay undead, and is favoured by Bahamut for the purpose of spilling undead unblood. In the hands of a dwarf, it is both a formidable weapon, and a handy ramp for those bigger stairs.

Aecris : Kin-killin Longsword of Keegan

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