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4Elven Holdings – Tales of a new breed of old players.

4Elven is a group of players either new to D&D – or returning to D&D after a long hiatus. Families and careers stole us away from a game that we loved and lost, or played too little in our youth.

We now return as level 1 players, rekindling the enjoyment of D&D in our souls. Without the political history of 3, 3.5, Pathfinder and WotC, we play 4e to return to our roots.

These are our tales. We invite you to return to your gaming innocence, where the DM was as fresh and green as the players. Where rules were lawyered against the players by players, and where the DM fudged anything to keep the players engaged and the enjoyment flowing.

We are 4Elven.

You can also follow us at http://4elven.tumblr.com

Home Page

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